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12.09.2016   A lot of requested a download-version. So we release it now to download it for free. The disc-version can be downloaded here:
06.04.2015   All sold! This completes the project. A project for the Amiga is planned in the future. When the time comes, I'll announce here also an info.
24.02.2015   As of today, no official games more are available and all Cyber-Chicken games are sold. Only two one press version (tape) can be purchased for 8,- (same as original but no serial number/nickname!). THANK YOU for your support.
14.02.2015   New: unboxing and gameplay-video (extern link to YouTube!)
28.01.2015   Only 8 2 pieces are left: 5 2 x tape! Ensures a piece of history!
01.12.2014   The price of the last copies was reduced. Disk 12 euro, tape-version 10 Euro.
20.09.2014   A few disc and tape versions are still available... :)
11.03.2014   New: unboxing and gameplay-video (extern link to YouTube!)
13.02.2014   A first review about the game: CPC Game Reviews
12.02.2014   An advertising in the german RETRO magazine, which was released in december 2013, by the CSW Publishing:
16.12.2013   The disc version is finished. The pre-orders will be shipped tomorrow!
13.12.2013   A manual is available at "About the game".
02.12.2013   The tape version is finshed and will be shipped now.
24.11.2013   115 handmade boxes are ready!
box 1 box 2 box 3 box 4 box 5
04.11.2013   First pictures of the tape version: label, copy, test!
tape 1 tape 2 tape 3
 21.10.2013   The Website is online! 
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